Building Assessment Cladding and Roofing
Structural Rehabilitation Infra-red Thermography
Condominium Reserve Fund Studies - Technical Audits Forensic Investigation
Pre-purchase Inspection - Residential and Commercial
Building Envelope Engineering and Performance Evaluation
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Water penetration.
Excessive humidity.
Air leakage.
ROOFING: Inspection and testing including Infrared Thermography (FLIR E45).
WALLS: Safety, inspections, rain penetration analysis, thermography.
WINDOWS: Failure investigation, performance evaluation, air leakage, water penetration, condensation control, heat loss, and structural performance.
Insurance Claim Investigations.
Building Diagnostic Testing: Air leakage, water penetration control, condensation control, heat loss, structural, Infrared Thermography (FLIR E45) performance.

Curtain wall spandrel glazing removed revealing inadequate seal between roof flashing and curtain wall mullion.

Building envelope design, specifications, design review, analysis and site review.
Roofing design, specifications, design review, analysis and site review.
Air/vapour/thermal Barrier system design and retrofit.
Evaluation of materials and components for code compliance and durability.
Constructability and cost consulting.
Waterproofing and sealants: Repair specification and review.
Cladding systems: Masonry, curtain wall, precast concrete, stucco and metal cladding.
Structural Rehabilitation: Parking garage, balcony and exterior concrete investigation, repairs and warranty reviews.
Modern and Historical Rehabilitation and restoration.
Preparation of drawings and specifications.
On-site water penetration resistance test conducted on a sample of as-built curtain wall. Air pressure chamber on interior maintains a uniform pressure differential while the exterior is sprayed with water. (ASTM 331)

Cost estimating.
Project or subtrade tendering and bid analysis.
Warranty Inspections.
Progress reports and owner liaison.
Contract Compliance Review: Roofing and Building Envelope Construction Inspections.
On-site Performance Testing: Performance testing for curtain walls, air barrier and wall assemblies, EIFS systems and windows.
Building Envelope Commissioning: Review of building envelope components and testing where required, including Infra-red Thermographic Surveys to evaluate the envelope performance. Infrared Thermal Imaging camera: FLIR Model E45.

On-site air leakage testing of as-built curtain wall assembly. Pressure chamber constructed on interior pressurized and total air flow measured. (ASTM 783, ASTM 331)
Adhesive bond test conducted on an isolated 2ft by 2ft section of Exterior Insulation Finish System Cladding. Performance testing during construction.
Building Envelope Commissioning done using infra-red thermography. Under positive pressure white anomalies indicate deficiencies in the air barrier system.
Inadequate air barrier performance. Air leakage from behind brick veneer and metal clad exterior wall results in condensation on interior and exterior surfaces of cladding.
Test cut made in an asphalt and felt roofing membrane to assess the condition of the membrane.
Roof survey plan augmented with photos.

Maintenance Evaluations: Evaluation of present conditions and required programs.
Facility Management Studies: Building condition review and capital cost projections.
Technical Audits: Evaluation for compliance with design, code, and construction standards for residential low rise and highrise construction.
Reserve Fund Studies: Expected component lifespan and replacement costs for Condominium projects.
Prepurchase Inspections: Extensive experience in commercial, residential and industrial.
Infra-Red Thermography: Envelope performance and Roofing system surveys.
Insurance Claim Investigations: Investigation of building system failures and fire damage to determine cause of failure and recommend corrective measures.
Infra-red thermography using a Flir handheld Infrared Thermal Imaging camera model E45 is used to identify areas of wet roof insulation. White area at edge of roof is wet due to failed edge flashing, heat stored in wet insulation remains warm when roofing surface cools at night.
Roof perimeter flashing has failed in this area allowing water to flow from the roof into the metal siding where ice builds up over the windows and wall.



M.A.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of Toronto, 1981
B.A.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of Toronto, 1980

Work Experience:

Project Credits:

Professional Affiliations:


"Distribution of Air Pressures Imposed by Wind in Wood-Framed Wall Construction", by J.A. Thompson and R.L. Quirouette, proceedings of the 5th Annual Building Sciences and Technology Seminar, 1990.

"Development of Proof Testing Method for the Selection of Scaffold Planks", by J.A. Thompson, A.T. Quaile and E.N. Aplin, paper presented at the Forest Products Research Society - General Meeting, 1985.

"Steel Roof Diaphragms for Wind Bracing in Agricultural Buildings", by J.E. Turnbull, J.A. Thompson and A.T. Quaile, Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering, 1985.


Building Envelope and Structural Condition Review Air Ambulance Facilities; Ottawa, London, Kenora, Moosenee - ORNGE.
Water penetration investigation and Repair Specifications - Lakefield EMS Facility, Municipality of Smith Ennismore Lakefield.
Concrete balcony condition survey 7 storey condominium- Richmond Hill, YRCC537.
Building Condition Review - YWCA building, Peterborough.
Building Condition Review Car Dealership - Woodbine Ave, Markham.
Provincial Courthouse Building Envelope and Structural Condition Review - Erik Wilke Architect, Peterborough
Provincial Courthouse Building Condition Review - Timmins
Building Envelope and Roofing Construction Review, St. Joseph's at Fleming Long Term Care Facilities, Dunlop Architects.
Various Condominium Reserve Fund Studies, Guardian Property Man.
Roofing Assessment and Specification, Boys and Girls Club Lindsay
Roofing Assessment, Specification and Construction Review, Works Garage, Municipality of Smith Ennismore Lakefield.
Thermographic Envelope Survey - CFB Kingston Barracks, Kirkland Eng.
Thermographic Envelope Commissioning - 10 storey apartment building, Durham Christian Homes
Commissioning Thermography - Lindsay Correctional Facility
Thermographic Envelope Survey - Stats Can Bldg, Ottawa, Greer Galloway
Thermographic Envelope Survey - Jean Talon Bldg, Ottawa, Dunlop Architects
BUR Investigation - Hilliard St. Ptbo, Berlett & Leonard Ins. Adjusters
Roof Assessment - Hilliard St. Ptbo, Rongil Holdings Realty Management
Roof Construction Review - Ptbo County Courthouse, Lienert Arch.
Envelope Assess. - Women's Shelter, Lindsay, Bowley - Sinclair Arch.
Envelope Assess. - Algonquin Park Visitors Centre, Trevelyan Arch.
BUR Failure Investigation - Mayfair Av. Ptbo, State Farm Insurance
Highrise Roof Replacement - Talwood Dr. Ptbo, Talwood Management
Concrete Rehab - Post Office, Lindsay, Lett/Smith Arch.
Shingle Roof Replacement - Townhouse, Ptbo Housing Corp.
Highrise Cladding Rehab - Lake St. Ptbo, Ptbo Housing Corp.
Envelope Condition Audit - Prov. Court Building, Ptbo., Erik Wilke Arch.
Reserve Fund Study - VCC21, Lindsay, ON
Roof Replacement Design - Lakefield Research, Lakefield.
Thermographic Roof Survey - Boys and Girls Club, Lindsay, Wilcox Arch.
Thermographic Roof Survey - Lakefield Research, Lakefield.
Ice Damage Investigation - Paudash Lake, State Farm Insur.
Barn Roof Collapse Investigation - Peterborough, Middlesex Mutual Insur.
Barn Wind Damage Investigation - Peterborough, Economical Insur.
Fire Damage Structural Integrity Assess - Stoney Lake, Economical Insur.
Cond. Assess. - 694 Rink Street, Peterborough
Proj. Monitoring - Tekoa Manor, Durham Christian Homes, Whitby
Envelope Performance Assess. - YWCA Housing, Peterborough
Cond. Assess. - Ptbo County Forest Bldg, Ptbo County
Cond. Assess. - Ptbo Ambulance Base, Ptbo County
Roof Rehabilitation - Bridgenorth library, Township Smith-Ennismore
Reserve Fund Study - CCC 244, Axia Property Management, Ottawa
Roof Constr. Review - Sonoco Ltd, Mirtren Construction, Glen Miller, ON
Balcony Rehabilitation - Highrise, Peterborough Housing Authority
Brick Repair Constr Rev - Highrise, Peterborough Housing Authority
Humidity Investigation - PCC 40, Guardian Property Management
Building Envelope Assess. - PCC 22, Guardian Property Management
Condition Audit - Bridgenorth Beautification Committee
Condition Audit - 760 George Street, Peterborough
Condition Audit - 432 George Street, Peterborough
Wall Assessment - St Paul's Anglican Church, Lindsay
Wall Assessment - Millbrook Anglican Church, Millbrook
Roof Assessment - 949 Sharon Court, Bridgenorth
Structural Assessment - Portable Structure, Kawartha Pine Ridge Board of Education, Peterborough
Roof Assess. - Wild Rock Outfitters, Peterborough
Condition Assessment - 359 Stewart Street, Peterborough
Condition Assessment - 836 Talwood Dr., Peterborough
Condition Assessment - Ambulance Base Building, Peterborough
Roof Constr Rev - Hastings Valu-mart, Hastings, ON
Balcony Rehabilitation - North Simcoe Housing Authority, Elmvale, ON
Construction Review - Tekoa Manor, Jaye Management, Whitby
Highrise Roof Survey - Peterborough Housing Authority, Peterborough
Roof Condition Survey - Fairhaven Home, Peterborough
Concrete Foundation Failure Assessment (Alkali-Silica), Peterborough
Deck Failure Investigation - Crawford Adjusters Canada, Lakefield
St. John's, St. James and Christ Church Condition Audit, Anglican Church
Warkworth Prison WTP Building Envelope Assessment, RAL Engineering
Pearson Daycare Building - Condition Audit, City of Peterborough
Former Rehill Building Condition Audit, City of Peterborough
St Stephen's Presbyterian Church - Condition Audit, Peterborough
Foundation Failure Investigation - Crawford Adjusters Can, Peterborough
Residential Roof Failure Investigation - Co-operators Ins, Baillieboro
Cambridge St. United Church - Masonry Investigation, Lindsay
Kingswood Recreation Centre - Condition Audit, City of Peterborough
VCC8 - Condominium Reserve Fund Study, Lindsay
VCC9 - Condominium Reserve Fund Study, Lindsay
Hilliard St. Townhouse Roofing Project - Roofing Const. Rev., PHA
Heritage Gardens Recreation Centre - Reserve Fund Study, Lindsay
Municipal Building - Condition Audit, Township of Smith-Ennismore.
Beth Israel Synagogue - Roof/Cladding Assessment, Lett Smith Architect
Airport Terminal Building - Condition Audit, City of Peterborough.
CCC377 - Condominium Reserve Fund Study, Ottawa
CIBC Branch - Water Penetration Investigation, CIBC Dev. Corp.
Restaurant, Peterborough - Condition Survey, City of Peterborough.
Retail Store, Peterborough - Review of Ceiling Collapse, Adjusters Canada.
Auto Repair Shop, Peterborough - Fire Damage, Economical Insurance.
Champlain Place Condominium, Peterborough - Humidity Investigation, Guardian Property Management.
Trent University Eaton College - Roofing Assessment, Lett Smith Architect, Peterborough.
Peterborough OH9/10, Townhouses - Roofing Const. Rev., PHA
Peterborough OH13, Highrise - Roofing Construction Review, PHA.
CIBC Branch Bldg, - Investigation of Odour Problems, CIBC Dev. Corp.
Parking Garage Waterproofing Spec, Cooper Consultants Peterborough.
Lake Vista Condo, Peterborough - Masonry Cladding Investigation, Guardian Property Management.
Trent University Great Hall, Peterborough - Roof Assessment, Cooper Consultants Peterborough.
Roofing System Failure Assess, Warner & Cork, Barristers & Solicitors.
Parking Garage Roof Deck Waterproofing Assessment and Repair Specification, Cooper Consultants Peterborough.
Trent University Otonabee College, Peterborough - Building Envelope Commissioning Thermographic Survey.
Lansdowne Place Mall - Thermographic Roof Survey, Cadillac Fairview.
Fairhaven Seniors Home Life Safety Retrofit, Peterborough - Assistant Project Manager, Jaye Management.
Otonabee College, Peterborough - Envelope Rehabilitation Design and Construction Review, Trent University.
1429 Clearview/2020 Mapleridge, Peterborough - Condominium Reserve Fund Study.
1155 Goodfellow Rd, Peterborough - Balcony, Roofing and Cladding Review, Cooper Consultants Peterborough.
836 Talwood Drive. Peterborough - Envelope and Roofing Assessment, Cooper Consultants.
Ministry of Natural Resources Office Building, Peterborough - Thermographic Infra-Red Building Envelope Commissioning Study, Thomas Fuller Construction.
Mariposa Elementary School - Envelope Assessment, VCBE
Trent University Environmental Sciences Building, Peterborough - Assessment of waterproofing performance, Trent University Physical Resources Department.
St. Alphonsus Church, Peterborough - Preparation of re-roofing specifications, Project Management and Construction review, St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church.
Work Centre Building, Huntsville - Roofing Condition Survey, Structural Assessment, Thermographic Survey, Repair Specifications and Construction Review, Bell Canada.
Public Utilities Commission, Peterborough - Review of roof structure and Recommend Remedial measures for purlin buckling and premature corrosion of metal roof decking, PUC.
Ministry of Natural Resources Office Building, Peterborough - Building Envelope Construction Review, Roofing and Waterproofing Construction Review and On-site Curtain Wall Air Leakage and Water Penetration Performance Testing, Thomas Fuller Construction.
Otonabee Valley School Addition, Peterborough - Building Envelope and Roofing Construction Review, PCBE\Carruthers Shaw Architects.
Trent University - Otonabee College, Peterborough - Thermographic survey of the building envelope and sloped roofing system, Trent University.
Trentway Wagar Building, Peterborough - Building Envelope Thermographic Survey and Performance assessment, M.B. Finney Ltd.
Alcona Switching Centre Building, Alcona Beach (Barrie) - Structural Review of switching centre building floor structure, Bell Canada.
Peterborough County Courthouse, Peterborough - Roofing review and specification review, David Lienert - Architect.
St. Alphonsus Church, Peterborough - Roofing condition survey and preparation of roof replacement specifications, John Callender Associates.
Heeley Residence, Peterborough - Deficiency review of residential project to assist homeowner in statement of claim against builder.
Peterborough Square Shopping Mall, Peterborough - Review of water penetration problems and preparation of specifications, Cadillac Fairview.
Peterborough Square Shopping Mall, Peterborough - Review of existing structural drawings to assess allowable floor loading in retail space, Cadillac Fairview.
Peterborough Square Shopping Mall, Peterborough - Parking Garage Condition Survey, Cadillac Fairview.
Empress Gardens Retirement Residences, Peterborough - Building Envelope and Roofing Construction Review, AON Inc.
Empress Gardens Retirement Residences, Peterborough - On-site bond strength testing of adhesive applied Exterior Insulation and Finish System, AON Inc.
494 King Street, Prescott Ontario - Assessment of foundation and exterior wall damage, Bell Canada.

Partial List of Previous Project Experience:
T.A. Stewart Secondary School, Peterborough - Building envelope evaluation and Thermographic assessment of the building envelope and roofing, Greer Galloway/Peterborough County Board of Education - Halsall.
Joseph S. Stauffer Memorial Library, Queen's University, Kingston - Building Envelope Review, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects/Queen's University - Halsall.
Building Condition Audits of 15 Federal Government buildings, Prime Consultant, with a team of five sub-consultants Public Works Canada, Ottawa - Halsall.
Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa - Air leakage testing and assessment, Smith and Andersen Mechanical Consultants/Carleton University - Halsall.
Collins Bay Penitentiary, Kingston - Thermographic Scan of all Penitentiary building roofs from helicopter, Public Works Canada - Halsall.
Chateau Laurier, Ottawa - Quantitative assessment of total Building Envelope heat loss using a computer aided Thermographic technique - Halsall.
Rideau Switching Centre and Office Building, Ottawa - Building Envelope Commissioning, Bell Canada - Halsall.
Canadian War Museum, Ottawa - Building Envelope Assessment, Lundholm Arch/PWC - Halsall.
Telesat Canada Headquarters, Ottawa - Assessment of building envelope problems and repair by original contractor, Morguard Investments/Telesat Canada - Halsall.
100 Metcalfe Street (Berger Office Building), Ottawa - Parking garage rehab., curtain wall investigation, masonry cladding replacement, Lehndorff Property Management - Halsall.
Ambleside One Condominium, Ottawa - Balcony Survey, Preparation of Repair Doc. and Contract Administration, Jeroniga Canada - Halsall.
CIBC Office Tower, Montreal - Assessment and development of remedial measures for the repair of water penetration and air leakage through precast concrete/metal and glazing curtain wall system, CIBC - Morrison Hershfield.
National Library and Archives Building, Ottawa - Assessment of building envelope performance and structural stabilization of stone cladding, PWC - Morrison Hershfield.
Supreme Court of Canada Building, Ottawa - Building envelope performance evaluation, on-site air leakage and thermal performance testing, PWC - Morrison Hershfield.
Justice Building, Ottawa - Building envelope performance assessment and remedial measures, PWC - Morrison Hershfield.
National Gallery, Ottawa - Building envelope thermographic survey and assessment of skylight water penetration problems, CMCC and PWC - Morrison Hershfield.

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